Meet Grace, a darling cocoa-colored Cardinal

Look at this charming California cutie for sale. She’s a 1967 Cardinal Lovebird, and who wouldn’t love to cozy up to her?

Oh, Miss Grace, the minute I saw your face, I knew that I loved you.




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Wintery and Wonderful


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A holiday fixer-upper


Photo by Dave S.

This diamond in the rough is just down the road from me. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Georgia Peachez

Wouldn’t this sweet wreath look fabulous on a pink vintage camper? I’d be tempted to splurge on one of these beauties, but Ms. Peachez sells out of them as quickly as she can post them. May be time to channel some Lazy Girl Crafts mojo and make my own.

20131124-104702.jpgPam on her awesome blog, retro renovation, posted some DIY instructions on making your own vintage ornament wreath. Maybe if I start now I can make my own in time for next season. Here’s a sneak peak at their success. (I wish Pam were my neighbor.)



This looks like a fun craft day

This looks like a fun craft day

Pretty in pink

Pretty and pink

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Festive Shasta


I love shopping on Etsy. What’s better than supporting crafty people and having one-of-a-kind artsy things from around the country? My favorite find this week is an adorable Shasta Christmas ornament from PinkPorches. Available in red, pink, or aqua, and only $14.95. I better get mine today before they’re gone.

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Pop a top, again.

20131110-192323.jpgBelly up to New Belgium Brewing Company’s new Winter Seasonal. Pretty packaging and tasty beer. What a nice gift you’d make under someone’s tree. Thanks, Blair!


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It’s Halloween! Time for Murder Ballads and Ghostly Songs.

Repost from 2011.


More than one person has been on a road trip with me when I’ve veered off route to peek in an abandoned house, school, or factory (and a former mental health facility in one instance). Others have been stuck listening to my paranormal encounters, watching spooky movies, or going on goofy ghost walks with me. And now I totally want to visit a creepy campground I came across this week. You can read more about the ghosts of summer-camp-outs-past on the Brookhaven Condemned Campground site. I wanted to learn more about what happened to this community so I tried to contact the website’s owner. I haven’t had a response yet, but it sounds like shady developers sold illegal land in West Brookfield, Massachusetts, to unsuspecting buyers who were ultimately evicted by the state (for reasons I can’t quite understand).

These photos (© Brookhaven Associates, Inc.) of forgotten campers and decaying…

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