Georgia Peachez

Wouldn’t this sweet wreath look fabulous on a pink vintage camper? I’d be tempted to splurge on one of these beauties, but Ms. Peachez sells out of them as quickly as she can post them. May be time to channel some Lazy Girl Crafts mojo and make my own.

20131124-104702.jpgPam on her awesome blog, retro renovation, posted some DIY instructions on making your own vintage ornament wreath. Maybe if I start now I can make my own in time for next season. Here’s a sneak peak at their success. (I wish Pam were my neighbor.)



This looks like a fun craft day

This looks like a fun craft day

Pretty in pink

Pretty and pink

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2 Responses to Georgia Peachez

  1. Sue says:

    Wow, this looks amazing, but try and find those vintage glass Christmas ornaments now, they do come along and the next time I see some I will think of this wreath! oh and YES I think it would great on a vintage trailers door! I can only dream the trailer part tho’, it will be awhile before I can ever afford one of those little beauties, but it’s nice to dream!!!!

    • Paige says:

      I know Sue–I want to start searching thrift stores now. I just updated the post with the DIY instructions that Georgia Peachez provided to Pam at retro renovations. Good luck, and keep dreamin’!

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