It’s Halloween! Time for Murder Ballads and Ghostly Songs.

Repost from 2011.


More than one person has been on a road trip with me when I’ve veered off route to peek in an abandoned house, school, or factory (and a former mental health facility in one instance). Others have been stuck listening to my paranormal encounters, watching spooky movies, or going on goofy ghost walks with me. And now I totally want to visit a creepy campground I came across this week. You can read more about the ghosts of summer-camp-outs-past on the Brookhaven Condemned Campground site. I wanted to learn more about what happened to this community so I tried to contact the website’s owner. I haven’t had a response yet, but it sounds like shady developers sold illegal land in West Brookfield, Massachusetts, to unsuspecting buyers who were ultimately evicted by the state (for reasons I can’t quite understand).

These photos (© Brookhaven Associates, Inc.) of forgotten campers and decaying…

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