Meet the Funky Mushroom

The Funky Mushroom's boudoir is dy-no-mite!

The Funky Mushroom’s boudoir is dy-no-mite!

This past weekend was International Glamping Weekend, a weekend dedicated to glamorous camping (which to me is any camp-out that doesn’t involve a port-a-potty). Glampers around the world have been posting photos of their cute campers on my favorite social media sites. One that really made me jump back was Shirley R.’s far-out 1969 19′ Prowler. Check out her retro-home-on-wheels. Can you dig it? I can.

Keep on truckin’ Shirley! I hope to meet you and the Funky Mushroom one day on the road. I’ll bring the fondue and a Tom Jones 8-track!

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6 Responses to Meet the Funky Mushroom

  1. Shirley Rossetti says:

    This is Shirley! WOW…..honored to be mentioned on your blog!! I am in Oregon and someday I hope to take the funky mushroom across the US from glamper home to glamper home, sight-seeing along the way!! The original upholstery was still in good condition so, after much thought of tearing it all out, I decided to embrace it with…..MUSHROOMS!! And since orange has always been my favorite color, it just works!! I would love to meet you and yes, I remember Tom Jones on 8-track!! Glamp on, my friend!!

  2. Paige says:

    Shirley, you’re an inspiration! Thanks for saying hi. Give me a shout if you and the FM make it to NC. Cheers!

  3. Love the Funky Mushroom!! I just finished a 1972 Frolic (dubbed) the Pink Paradise. Check it out on my blog if you get a minute. I absolutely love the creativity each of us glampers puts into these vintage campers.

    • Paige says:

      Hello! I LOVE the Pink Paradise. What a great job you did with her. I see lots of great advice for when I find a Frolic (or other cutie) of my own!

  4. Amy johnson says:

    Love it! I’m remodeling a 1967 Comet

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