My Favorite Things (#2)

goodbye yellow brick road

#2 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Elton John.

It was 1973. I was 6; I was all about The Wizard of Oz; and Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” was my favorite song. Six-year old Paige didn’t get the metaphor or the deeper meaning behind Bernie Taupin’s lyrics. I just associated it with the movie, my favorite coloring book, ruby slippers I’d received on my 6th birthday, and the Disney magnificent full-color illustrated book and long-playing 33 record.

Wizard of Oz

I played this so much it skipped every few minutes

Aside: modern-day Paige still loves Oz and has even rented Dorothy’s cottage in the vintage, long-ago closed Land of Oz theme park in Beech Mountain (the park was my favorite vacation spot where I first went with my mom and dad in 1974). You, too, can rent Dorothy’s cottage on the slopes of Beech Mountain, and when you’re not skiing, you can explore some of what’s left in the merry old land of Oz. The park is also open every fall for Autumn in Oz. Here are some photos of that fabulous place.

Apparently so happy to be skipping down the Yellow Brick Road.

Apparently so happy to be skipping down the Yellow Brick Road, summer 1974.

Bricks are still sunny yellow after all of these years.

The bricks are still sunny yellow after all these years. Most are still there, though poachers are known to steal them from time-to time. March, 2004

"Are you hinting my apples aren't what they ought to be?" (Dan with one of the remaining trees, 2004)

“Are you hinting my apples aren’t what they ought to be?” (Dan with one of the remaining angry apple trees, 2004)

YBR on a foggy day in 2002.

YBR on a foggy day in 2002

Hanging out on Dorothy's porch (Uncle Henry's barn in the background)

Hanging out on Dorothy’s porch (Uncle Henry’s barn is in the background), 2002

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7 Responses to My Favorite Things (#2)

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  2. Daphne S Cain says:

    I love this!


    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Pat says:

    Love seeing the photo of Dan. Nice memories for you there, I see.. Did Dan remember going there as a child? I had completely forgotten about that place. Girl, you have some memory, how in the world do you remember when you were 6? I can’t remember 56!!

    • Paige says:

      I just have good selective memory! I don’t think Dan remembered going there. That’s great that y’all visited the park, too. We called the caretaker one weekend when we were visiting Danny and Kimber and she let us go for a walk out there. Fun times.

  4. Shirley Rossetti says:

    Did you say that this place is now closed? My kids LOVED seeing those pictures!!

    • Paige says:

      It’s closed, but every fall they have a reunion, “Autumn in Oz,” and it’s open to the public. I’ve stayed at Dorothy’s Cottage which is available to rent year round. Open your back door and you’re on the Yellow Brick Road. The park is still a magical place!

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