Spartan Carousel Sighting!

Spartan Carousel

Carousel Kitchen

Cam (who is the Wizard-ess of finding awesome campers for sale) sent me a Craig’s List posting for this beautifully restored 1960 Spartan Carousel for sale in the San Francisco area. Oh, how I’d like to see more of her!

For sale! $75,000.

Carousel bathroom

Eureka! Looks like the original pink toilet base.

I’ve connected with the owners of two Carousels (including MaryAnn Reynolds who has some posts about her remodel), so I hope to hear where the new owner of this great trailer takes her.

It looks like she was lovingly renovated, and her pink fixtures are in pretty good shape. I hope the new owner buys her a proper pink fridge though. Maybe like this new-to-made-look-old Northstar. Or this aging rose that hasn’t lost her bloom.

Or this restored 1950s GE. Another new model, the Big Chill would look nice.

Add vintage (or vintage-looking) appliances to my wish list. Any ol’ color will do.

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15 Responses to Spartan Carousel Sighting!

  1. Daphne says:

    She is pretty!!!! She’d look awesome in your backyard next to the blue-door shed!

  2. Stephany says:

    Fantastic, but I have to admit my eyes kind of crossed when I saw the price tag.

    • Paige says:

      Yes, I wonder what the actual selling price will be (I think it was on the market earlier this year). It’s a rarity for sure and in pretty good shape. If I had disposable income I’d make an offer!

  3. david izenman says:

    i wonder what the cost to have all 50 feet of her polished? $7500? (Perhaps one could deduct it from the asking price)
    As for the floor I would do a two tone semi gloss cork stripe, about 10″ in width runing the leangth of the coach. And a rope and pole awening, in coral.
    I would whave no problem making this a retierment home or weekend getaway. 75k sounds like a lot but what would one pay for a 500 sq foot all inclusive home, that can be moved. I’ve met Scott Lockwood at a rally. Decent guy with Decent trailers. Problem with putting a coach this age in a park in Palm Springs, lets say, is that most of the better RV Parks wont allow old coachs. Period! Shame, someone should build a park in the desert for only high end vintage trailers, own you own land and a great big kidny shaped pool in the middle. and small, no more then let’s say 100 trailers.
    sign me up, sign me up!!!!!

  4. MonkeyBunny says:

    Thanks for this site. I am dying over all the pink. Love it, love it, love it. Why won’t RV parks allow old coaches? I’d get a major case of THE SADS if I bought this bad boy and couldn’t find a home.

  5. Jessica says:

    Hi Paige! FYI Just found another Carousel down in southern CA:
    And we are finally starting to break more ground on our own.
    You can see some photo updates on our stream:
    All the best to you!

    • Paige says:

      Awesome, Jessica! Thanks so much for the link–another Spartan for me to covet. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos. I stalk your site regularly to see what’s new!

  6. My husband and I dream of a vintage camper. 🙂 I guess an “extra” $75,000 for this baby wouldn’t hurt.

  7. Rob Amato says:

    There is a Vintage Only trailer park in East San Diego County just outside of Julian. Too Cool!!

  8. Mike Kelly says:

    Hello, is your spartan carousel available still. I am interested in buying it.

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