Happy Independence Day!

Model Stars and Stripes VW Camper

Three cheers for Chris Sweetman’s Schuco model VW

It’s the Fourth of July! (or as we say in the South, Joo-ly). Besides being the day we celebrate the Declaration of Independence and our separation from Great Britain, it’s also a day for cookouts, concerts, and fireworks (and it’s the one day you can wear stars and stripes or lots of red, white, and blue without looking too ridiculous).

flag outfit

There’s really only one day a year you could get away with wearing this…

Another way Americans celebrate this holiday is with lots of cold beer. It’s a PBR-tay! PBR guys

But of course, camping is King come July 4th. Even in NC where we’re having record highs, campgrounds from Murphy to Manteo have been sold out for months.  Sure it’s hot, but that’s what sprinklers, tubing, and bomb pops are for.

Let’s celebrate with a look at some patriotic painted wagons, like this cute Americana-themed camper with patio and screened in porch. Great use of space!

Or blogger Paula C.’s sweet vintage camper, Mary Lou.

Sure they’re German, but one of the great things about VW buses is that they come in every color. So wherever you live, you can turn your fleet into a patriotic tribute to your country.  vw bus

Beach camping is a great way to beat the mainland heat. This Bambi found a beautiful spot near the dunes and sea oats. Oh, do I have camper envy? This Bambi looks new and ready to roll–and she’s the perfect size.

Airstream Bambi

Beach Bambi

These folks are celebrating the 4th in style–with a vintage VW photo booth. What clever, crafty girls!

VW photo prop

Say American Cheese!

Americans didn’t invent camping, but let’s face it: We’ve made it an art form. I love the washed out red, white, and blues inside this lovely.

Campin’ it up on Martha’s Vineyard

This shabby chic recamper has decked out her tin can home in red, white, and blue bunting.bunting

It’s an Airstream Convoy! Airstream convory

And finally, for me, it’s not the 4th of July without a little John Philip Sousa. I’ve spent many Independence Day evenings listening to the North Carolina Symphony or small town bands play patriotic tunes during fabulous fireworks. One of my favorites was a canoe trip down the Charles River, where we tied up to other boaters during the Boston Pops Spectacular. The cool New England breeze and river view of the stage contributed to a perfect July 4th. Sousa always brings back that happy memory.

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