Reuse; Recycle. Repurpose. (and recamp)

VW bar Bangkok

Foot massage, vintage bus, and wireless. What more do you need?

My evening walks in Thailand have a lot in common with an Easter egg hunt. I’ve been on the lookout for brightly colored repurposed VW buses on the crowded Bangkok street corners, and I get really excited when I spot one. Some sell bubble tea; one sells peanut butter toast (that I will eat at some point). There’s even one in a mall that sells smoothies.

But my favorites (of course) have been pimped into tiny tiki trucks that sell fancy drinks–ones with colorful umbrellas and exotic fruit garnishes. Stick a paper parasol in a swanky glass, put the needle on a Burt Bacharach record, and I feel like Shirley MacLaine in Billy Wilder’s, The Apartment–cocktail-wise.

Retro VW  bus

Belly up to the bus.

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