Kitschy Summer Camp for Grownups

Hicksville Trailer PalaceThere’s a secret little spot in Joshua Tree, California. It runs on solar power, has a professional recording/film editing studio, and features a saltwater pool. It has a vending machine that would make Dale Watson and Frank Booth proud, serving $2 Lone Star and PBR. Just like summer camp there’s archery, target practice, ping pong, campfires, and an outhouse. But instead of tents and teenagers, Hicksville Trailer Palace is an oasis of throwback tiki touches and inspired vintage campers.

Hicksville photoWith so many great themes, it’s hard for me to choose where I’d set up camp. (All photos of the swanky accommodations at Hicksville are from their website and facebook page.)

But maybe I’d start with a walk on the wild side. Designed in honor of Lux Interior, The Lux is a tiki bar-meets-punk rock camper that’s decked with a Cramps-filled Jukebox and a black-and-white TV with horror–and only horror–movies. Mean Machine, indeed.

The Lux

The Lux

Lux Interior

Inside The Lux (AKA, Lux Interior)

Or maybe I’d choose The Sweet, a 70s-inspired 22′ Airstream with its mirrored ceiling, shag carpet, electric fireplace, record player AND an 8-track deck. It’s like Eric Forman’s basement on wheels!

The Sweet

The Sweet

Inside the Sweet

Inside The Sweet

But I’m also a sucker for Barbie Baroque. Owner Morgan Higby Night compares a night in The Fifi to “being inside a genie bottle,” and I can see why. Plus, Fifi was designed by the owners of one of my favorite shops in New Orleans—Fifi Mahoney’s–(where I bought my first and last pink wig).

The Fifi

The Fifi

Inside The Fifi

I dream of Fifi

I like them all (see more photos below, also from their website). But maybe the coolest thing is that you can rent the whole campground with a few of your besties–and they’ll throw in the tiki bar. (They welcome dogs, too!) Too bad Joshua Tree is quite a jaunt for us East Coast hipsters–looks like we’re stuck with KOA for now…

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There are even more photos of Hicksville’s swell trailers on their website, or check out this interview with Higby Night for more dirt on these desert digs.

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4 Responses to Kitschy Summer Camp for Grownups

  1. DLo says:

    wow!! The Sweet is pretty sweet, but it would be hard to pass up The Fifi

    • Paige says:

      True, but upon further reflection, who am I kidding? The Sweet is all me. I’d like to bunker down there with The Carpenters Greatest Hits on 8-track, some Riunite on ice, and a Ouija board. Maybe some Rockford Files or BJ and Bear on late night tv. That’s what I call a sweet Saturday night.

  2. Daphne Cain says:

    LOVE IT. Is Mike on your blog? Send it to him if not. He can check this place out with Mur Man and let us know how it is!

    • Paige says:

      Mike is most likely working on a novel, don’t you think? He should take a retreat there. Did you notice that one of the campers was decorated by the people who own Fifi’s–that kooky little makeup and wig shop on Royal Street?

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