Trim Your Tree with Tincan Trinkets

My canned ham cutie (Hallmark, 2010)

I like to collect ornaments that reflect the things I love. On my Christmas tree you’ll find flamingos, tiki cocktails, an Elvis or two, a menagerie of critters big and small–and most recently–vintage campers. If you’re looking for mobile minis to deck your halls, here are a few inexpensive camper-themed ornaments for sale this year. Click on the photos for ordering information.

Kitties, rainbows, and a camper to boot. Woot!

$12 at Wrapsody

$9.95 for this Shasta-esque beauty

This felt VW bug is no longer available, but check out the other fun VW stuff on this Etsy site.

A pretty, glittery handmade airstream.

The 2007 Hallmark Keepsake. I've seen a few of these on ebay.

VW camper. From for 15 quid, UK.

This tree-sized RV is a mere $6!

Another Hallmark Keepsake ornament; this one from 1988.

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2 Responses to Trim Your Tree with Tincan Trinkets

  1. oase350 says:

    Hi,I am a collector of all sorts of miniature camping trailers .where is the wrapsody trailer available? i have about 25 different glass ornament trailers in my collection, but this one I am missing. thanks for answeing uli

  2. Paige says:

    I saw that last Christmas online at Wrapsody. Check back at Christmas and maybe they’ll have more!

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