This vintage Terry is ready for your next clambake

Terry camper

The lovely Terry and her peeps

I came across the ebay listing for this gorgeous 1962 Terry via the Vintage Trailer Enthusiasts message board. Of course I had to snoop around for more info, and thus, found the owner’s story about her restoration. Pretty sweet. I love that he saved the Terry’s original flooring.

After removing two layers of carpet, he found this gem of original black and white marble flooring.

And after a month of scraping with copious cans of Easy-Off oven cleaner, the floors looked like this. Winning!

Best of all (for some lucky camper) this rare beauty is for sale. Check out her listing here. Or take a video tour of the Terry in all her loveliness–with her original pink appliances. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to This vintage Terry is ready for your next clambake

  1. Karen A. says:

    I can smell the Easy Off fumes from here! Pretty amazing outcome.

    • Paige says:

      Yes, and I learned that he hasn’t sold this beauty yet. He’s going to winterize it and try again in the spring. Maybe I will win the lottery by then…

      • Don D. says:

        Hi Paige. Actually I did sell it right after it was on Ebay. We’ll surely miss our unique Terry but I have more trailer projects and I can’t keep them all. It has now gone from Oregon to Texas where it has a wonderful home and has been paired with a restored pink 1963 Cadillac. Keep your eyes open for them come spring.


      • Paige says:

        That’s great, Don! I guess selling it means you can work your magic on a new one. I’ll look for news of the next renovation!

  2. Martha says:

    Ever since I took a tour of this camper which belongs to a friend of mine in Texas I have wanted desparaely to find one. I have not seen a layout like this ever. If any of you spot one PLEASE email me at . Thanks

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