The Golden Age of the RV

Covered wagons, gypsy caravans, circus trailers–all ancestors of today’s recreational vehicles. One period of motorhome history that really fascinates me is the mid-1960s through the ’70s–the era that brought us social activism, groovy music, the sexual revolution, and the lovely avocado, orange, goldenrod, and earth tones color pallet.

Please pass the Tang.

RV ads embraced the sexual revolution, too.

Many would say these retro RVs wouldn’t compare to modern mobile homes in terms of amenities or luxuries. But I’d argue that today’s motor monstrosities have no personality, while the swank-o-rama chic of the 70s RV has it in spades. Are these mini-monsters part eyesore or part eye-candy? Whatever they are, I can’t look away.

Roughing it doesn't mean you can't dress for dinner. Or break out your silver coffee service.

What's not to love about this green mobile mansion, a 1973 GMC?

Or how about this retro rust drivable den inside a 70-something Komfort Travel Trailer?

Grandma's getting ready to turn in in the turquoise bedroom of her 1967 Avion. If the camper's a rockin...

1970 called, and she wants you to give that shower curtain to me.

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3 Responses to The Golden Age of the RV

  1. Love the 73 GMC, though I am definitely more travel trailer than full on RV. 🙂

  2. Paige says:

    I’m with you! Though I have been thinking more and more about the convenience of a VW bus…

  3. They are awesome, especially the ones with the giant sunroofs and the windows that open all the way around.

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