The Airstream Ranch

Airstream ranch

Airstream Ranch at Sunrise by Nick Nicks, 2011 Creative Loafing Photo Contest Winner

It’s no Stonehenge, but if you ever find yourself in Dover, FL you can make your pilgrimage to the Airstream Ranch. Eight silvery shells of their former glory line I-4 near Tampa and were erected by Frank Bates (of Bates RV) in honor of of Airstream’s 75th anniversary. I love the kitsch factor, but I can’t help being a little sad that they’ve been put out to rust–maybe someone could have recycled the parts or restored one of these old gals. There is a sad beauty to this place.

Antsy and Airstream Ranch

Antsy of Antsy McLain and the Trailer Park Troubadors

Airstream Ranch

It doesn't seem like a dignified way to go.

Here’s an interesting 2 and 1/2 minute clip of how the Airstream Ranch came to be (and how county officials almost shut it down). Or you can check out this shorter one by some folks named Sean and Kristy.

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7 Responses to The Airstream Ranch

  1. Sabine French says:

    Wow — beautiful but sad (such a waste!). There is an article about The Fly Girls (is that what they call themselves?) in….oh, crud, where was that? Maybe Our State magazine this month? Thought of you.

    • Sisters on the Fly–cool! I will see if I can find it.

      Yes, my first reaction to Airstream Ranch was, “Hey COOL!” and then I immediately was like, Awww, man. That’s just wrong. I don’t know. There are many of these old campers rusting and rotting in fields, backyards, etc. So maybe it’s really no different.

  2. Dan Novak says:

    Let’s call it ‘Airhenge.’ I love it!

  3. Dave Kinkade says:

    I’ve seen this roadside oddity for years and promised myself I’d photograph it. Finally happened today and got a really cool photo of Trailer Henge you might want to check out:
    Thanks for all the details and back story on this wacky yet iconic site.

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