Three Cheers for the Spartan!

Spartan CheerleadersUpdate: It looks like the gorgeous ’59 Spartan Carousel I’ve been coveting has found a new home. I surely hope the new owner documents her comeback–I can’t stop thinking about that round, pink kitsch-en. In the meantime, I’ve been reading about what other Spartan fans have done to show their love to this classic coach.

Hollywood designer Jane Hallworth has transformed at least one motor-craft into a movie set mobile-mansion. Hallworth found a Spartan on eBay that looked a little like this Spartan Imperial Mansion, Beforeand with some help from Steven Butcher at Funky Junk Farms turned it into this beauty:

Spartan Exterior

A Hollywood-Home-away-from-Home

Bed and Bath

Spartan Nook

A cozy nook

With a Miele kitchen, reclaimed rosewood interior, and stainless steel soaking tub, this 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion is a trailer fit for 12 Olympians. Columbia Pictures paid $8000 a week for Kirsten Dunst to regroup in the 480-square foot trailer while filming Spider-Man 3 (John C. Reilly and Tom Hanks are fans, too). Read more about Hallworth’s design in the Los Angeles Times Magazine (images borrowed from photographer Roger Davies).

Movie stars really do have all the luck. But it’s great to see so many creative ways to repurpose a vintage trailer. These Austin pizza makers seem to be serving some tasty slices in their 1955 Spartan:

Spartan Pizza, Austin

The Yelp peeps in Austin root for Spartan Pizza

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2 Responses to Three Cheers for the Spartan!

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  2. Sabine French says:

    LOVIN’ that Funky Junk remodel — wow!

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