TrailerChix headerCheck out, a great site devoted to women and their RVs, campers, and other mobile dwellings. These girls bring some mighty fine curb appeal to a campground.  TrailerChix also features terrific practical tips–like how to weather-proof your camper or back up your trailer without taking out the rose bushes. I’m excited to see that they’re seeking contributors. Better start brainstorming.

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3 Responses to TrailerChix

  1. Neveen says:

    Hey Paige,

    One of my coworkers rented a restored VW bus and will be driving around Florida for two weeks and camping on the beach, in a camp ground or wherever he feels like it. No schedule, no clock, no care in the world. Here’s the site he used to rent Krazy Karl. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

  2. Paige says:

    That is so cool Neveen! I saw that site a while back and loved the idea. Please let me how he likes it. Maybe I can fit that into my vacation plans this year.

  3. Bonnie Ebert says:

    do you know any one who has a Spartan carousel for sale ,so in love with them big windows is what I need ,Hate the dark

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