One Piece at a Time…

vw air freshener

Clean as a whistle! (and I like it too)

I have amazing friends and family. Not that I haven’t always known that, but the kool, kampy, camper gifts that folks have been sending me really warm the cockles of my heart. They are gentle reminders that I have all that I need to get what I want–one piece at a time. And my collection of camper kitsch has grown in the last few months. Most recently, my great pal Claire from Old Blighty sent me this swankily-scented-VW-inspired air freshener. Hopefully, I will find an old stinky camper I can use it in, soon.

My work has been light over the holidays, but I have some new projects lined up for later this month. So my plan is still on track. By spring I’ll have some form of a metal frame on wheels that I’ll work on through the summer and fall. I’m thinking her maiden voyage will be spring, 2012. Where should I go first?

My latest camper lead comes from the lovely Sabine. Her Virginia neighbor has an old Sprite she might be willing to part with–and I like Sprites! I don’t know all the details of this model, but Sabine snapped a few photos last time she was up there. I won’t post all the photos until I learn more, but the bumper stickers on this beauty stuck out to both Sabine and me. This Sprite has obviously been home to many a bluegrass festival reveler. Maybe it’s a sign from Big Dan that she’s for me.

Sprite camper

My Grass is Blue.

On that note, I’ll say goodnight with some help from Johnny Cash.

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