Window Shopping

Cody on the beach

Cody on a warmer day

Cold, rainy, and gray this weekend. So I found myself missing roses, sandy beaches, and warmer climes. Also gave me an excuse to stay inside and start putting together swatches for my trailer-to-be’s decor.

You might ask, “Isn’t that putting the camper–errrr–cart before the horse?”

Not really. So far the only camper I’ve looked at was covered in skulls and punk rock stickers (not that there’s anything wrong with that…). It was also decked out in orange, magenta, and brown vinyl. So having some vision of the possibilities is important when looking at a tired retro camper that just needs a little love to make it sparkle.

Should I go Lounge Luxe? Shabby Chic? Totally Tiki? Surf Shack? I could certainly have fun with some retro fabrics, plastic flamingos, and martini shakers. But maybe it would be smart to keep things simple and soothing–like using shades from the seashore. I borrowed these images from inventory at the The Shabby Chic Cottage that capture my idea of the perfect beachy colorscape.

candles and starfishcreams and browns: robin's nest, sand dollars, and clothespinsOr maybe it would be fun to create a cozy cottage. It would be nice to have a room of my own that is crisp and white and totally girly (Cody would have to wipe his paws). I keep going back to this article I read in The New York Times this summer that has me longing to be surrounded by creams and whites with splashes of pink cabbage roses.  Talk about a great repurposing project–old hunting cabin transformed into a charming Victorian cottage.

Tiny Victorian cottage in the CatskillsTiny Victorian cottage in the CatskillsChina cabinet in Tiny Victorian cottage in the CatskillsRead more about Sandra Foster’s woodsy retreat in this slide show, A Tiny Victorian Cottage, by Joyce Wadler (photos by Trevor Trondo).

More later on all the great vintage fabrics I found. Who knew textiles were so much fun?

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2 Responses to Window Shopping

  1. Sabine French says:

    I saw that NYT article when it came out and was captivated. She does some very inspired repurposing! My brain is going so much all the time that I need soothing spaces around me. IMO, tone on tone (with lots of texture) is never boring if it’s done right.

  2. That was a really interesting article–the history of how the couple met, their curious dynamic, the juxtaposition of 70s mobile home and Victorian retreat…

    You are a pro at tone-on-tone, Sabine. I think of wood, linen, and orchids when I think of your cozy home.

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