Trailer Trash to Treasured Trailer

Airstream before renovationWhen Sarah Spencer of 26 Letters wanted more space for her art studio, she and her husband renovated a 1963 Airstream to create this crafty space. Look what clever people, a can of paint, some recycled materials, and lots of love can do.

Airstream renovation afterNot only has this Airstream been re-purposed as a studio, but it’s also a classroom. Sarah hosts workshops on crafting, gardening, and even baking bread (space is limited to five participants). Maybe I can turn my camper into a cocktail lounge for a lucky few.

Airstream doorway

Welcome, artsy friends!

See more photos of her gorgeous renovation at Inhabitat.

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2 Responses to Trailer Trash to Treasured Trailer

  1. DLo says:

    holy cow! that’s unbelievable!

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