Sisters on the Fly

This week I’ve been reading about the sassy Sisters on the Fly and their cowgirl caravan. This sisterhood includes over 1,400 fly-fishin’, horseback-ridin’, kayak-paddlin’, vintage-trailer-campin’ gals. And while I’m not so interested in the fishing and riding part, I love that these ladies come together from all over to celebrate their love of vintage campers and girls’ weekends. They’ve posted some East Coast travel dates, too. Learn more about them in their cute intro video from youtube.

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4 Responses to Sisters on the Fly

  1. Sabine French says:

    The video was so cute I was willing to over-look that they spelled “Y’all” wrong.

  2. Daphne says:

    There is a lovely little vintage camper across Government Street from us that I want to show you. Very unique individuals who live in the home, and decorate the camper in the lot next to their home, seasonally. I look forward to seeing it each time I drive by and think of you.

  3. Send me a photo, Daph! Seasonal decorations sound fabulous.

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