Santa Baby, slip a camper under the tree, for me…

1971 Shasta camper

You could be mine

There are more practical things I need this year (vacuum cleaner; washer & dryer; guest room bed–not to mention good health insurance), but for just a little more than a month’s mortgage I could own this fancy ’71 Shasta with its original wings. It’s in campable condition, though it needs a touch of Christmas magic in the decorating departing. Repairs are mostly cosmetic and could be done over time. It appears to have carpet, which I would promptly rip out and replace with some kind of laminate or tile. I sent the owner an e-mail to get some more information.

I’m already thinking of fabric and exterior paint themes…

Shasta interior

I can work with this.

The camper has loads of windows, and it’s located on the East coast so it would be easy to check out before purchasing.

Shasta exterior

She'd look good in yellow.

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4 Responses to Santa Baby, slip a camper under the tree, for me…

  1. Chris says:

    Hey, doesn’t look half bad!

  2. Sabine French says:

    That’s exciting! But do maybe also consider taking a look at the little thing I found on Hwy 58 in VA. I am trying to find the number of the widow who owns it (I had met her while trying to figure out who owned some puppies I rescued from the hwy.). All I know about it is that across a field while I’m driving by at 70 mph, it looks like a canned ham….

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