I was country, when country wasn’t cool.

I’ve been thinking about this lovely restoration project this week.

Restored Yellowstone camper

Pimento cheese sandwich and iced tea, anyone?

I watched a little of the CMAs tonight, and apparently I’m behind on today’s hottest country stars. But it reminded me of this delightful Yellowstone I saw a while back that is for sale. It’s already renovated, but when I start my recamp, I need to refer to these folks who obviously knew what they were doing.

Yellowstone camper interior

It's my Easy Bake Oven all over again! I love their kitchen redo.

I’m not sure what the asking price for this doll house on wheels is, but the owners have made a cool video about their revamp.

I have major camper envy tonight.

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15 Responses to I was country, when country wasn’t cool.

  1. Chris says:

    that is awful pretty.

  2. Neveen says:

    Wow, even I have camper envy. Now I don’t know much about campers but where do you sleep? Does the couch turn into a bed? Is there a Murphy bed?

    I think the plastic Honolulu plates are a nice touch.

    • Murphy bed–great idea! It looks like this camper sleeps four (though maybe not comfortably). The dinette table folds up and the benches form a double bed. Plus, the sofa along the side folds out into a double bed. Some campers have a loft over the dinette too, so you can squeeze 5 in there.

      Hmmm, maybe my next post needs to be about camper sleeping quarters. Time to do some research!

  3. I love camping. and we have a small older but great shape 5th wheel. This makes me want to throw my shorts in a bag and head out. The only thing that stops me is the the
    temperature has just warmed from -1 to 0 on the west coast of Canada.

    • Paige says:

      Hi Patty Anne. Although it’s cold now, you live in camping Shangrila come warmer weather!

      • Well reading your blog got me ff my duff and I just finished mine called Size does matter. LOL.
        If you girls ever come this way, there is a campground across the road from my place on the river. I love fishing and camping. I wish we had a group like yours..

  4. Paige says:

    You could always start your own group…some Florida lassies did just that–they call themselves the Glamper Girls and I believe they’re just a small group of gals who love glamping–and wine!

  5. Philip Stanton says:

    Does anyone know if this camper is still for sale?

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  8. Marlena Kirby says:

    Have you redone anything yet? I’ve purchased a 1968 DeCamp and looking for advice.

  9. Dee says:

    We have a ’65 forester bout same set up. Came with ice box. Want to replace with small floor dorm fridge….easy to do??

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