Age isn’t everything…

My plan was to start shopping for my home on wheels in Spring, 2011. But when your hairdresser notices you reading a book about campers and tells you there’s one for sale in the back of his shop, you kind of have to check it out. Sadly, I didn’t have my camera but I did get some okay shots with my phone (see below).

The model is a little later than I wanted (it’s a ’77 Layton), and it’s a little larger than I imagined toting across the country (18′). But it has potential. Even though I’m not ready to make a purchase now, I’m glad I checked it out. I realize I shouldn’t discount the younger 70s’ campers. And who knows? This trailer might still be on the market next spring, so I’ll keep it on the ReCamp list for now. I started this list of pros and cons about the lovely Layton:

Pros Cons
Relatively cheap at $2500. I don’t have $2500. Plus, I think it’s slightly overpriced compared to some other Laytons I’ve investigated.
Has tons of windows and storage space (cabinets and a decent-sized closet). Screen door is also in good shape. Paneling and cabinets are pretty terrible.
Exterior is in great condition. Paint looks good. I love the two-toned yellow stripes. The boxy style isn’t my favorite (though it is more practical). Still, I prefer the 50s-60s rounded models.
Looks like there would be easy cosmetic fixes. Pineapple wall paper—yikes! (And stickers everywhere.)
The original cushions look good, even though I’d update them. Bunk mattress over banquette needs replacing.
Comes with electric brakes and brake controller. What the hell are electric brakes???
Has working A/C and water heater.
Sleeps at least three comfortably (five could squeeze in).
Fridge works off propane or electricity.
It’s located in Raleigh.
Bathroom has a shower.
Other than being dated and showing usual signs of age, it doesn’t look like it has seen much use.
Would look great decked out in some tiki or lounge décor.
I’m thinking I could talk the seller into throwing in the dashboard Elvis that’s hanging in the kitchen so mine would have company.

So, there are a lot of pros. I’d love to hear what others think about this camper, so take a look.

Layton camper for sale

The exterior. Could become a great blank canvas for me.


Layton camper interior and exterior

A glimpse at the mini kitchen, the doorway, and the groovy couch that turns into a double bed.


Layton camper interior and exterior

A closer view of Elvis and the pineapple wallpaper; the banquette, kitchen sink and cabinets; and entry close up.

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6 Responses to Age isn’t everything…

  1. Yvonne says:

    The outside looks really clean and solid. The first thing I noticed on the inside was Elvis, and I wondered if you Photoshopped him in 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    I love it. I think the people that had this ol’ gal, maybe were into motocross or something like that from what I get from the stickers. I think this would be rocking in the woods.

  3. posie says:

    I think it is beautiful, BUT if your not “into” the square boxy type, you may always wish you hadn’t, get your hearts desire that way no regrets ever.

  4. john smith says:

    I love these Layton skylines, ive got a 1976 tandem axle 18′ skyline & love it (lots of sentamental value, my great grandpa bought it way back in 1986 & was the 2nd ower of it, now im the 3rd owner.

  5. Claire says:

    For that price and in that condition, I wish I could buy it right this minute!

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