Lucy, I’m home!

I can’t wait to watch this campy classic that arrived via Netflix today. Lucy and Desi spend their honeymooon in a home on wheels–I have a feeling that crazy antics ensue.

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5 Responses to Lucy, I’m home!

  1. Sabine French says:

    Are all antics crazy? (a few are zany) you never seem to see one word without the other.
    Enjoy. Photos I took forthcoming.

  2. Good point, Sabine. I decided to see how the dictionary defines “antic.” It’s an attention-drawing, playful, extravagant, or funny act or caper. So maybe “crazy antic” is redundant.
    Wow–I think I have too much time on my hands today!

  3. Neveen says:

    In the video, Desi says that,”All hilarity breaks loose.” So are they crazy, zany, hilarious antics?

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