I’m ready to get campy!

We don’t always choose what we’re going to obsess over, so for better or worse my latest fixation is owning a small vintage camper–a Shasta, a Scotty, an Airstream, or Scamp? A Sprite, Corvette, Turnpike, or maybe a Yellowstone? I haven’t decided, but stick around and see what happens. My latest book purchase might start me in the right direction.

"Ready to Roll"

If this car can pull a camper, surely my Volvo S90 can?

My love for camping and campers started with the Barbie Beach Bus and Country Camper Santa brought me in 1973 and 1974, respectively. They were without a doubt my favorite toys as a six/seven-year old. They proved that you can be stylish and have all the comforts of home when you’re traveling. (Call me crazy but back in the day Barbie taught us how to take a Vacation. Now she’s just pink.) Later, I remember envying the neighborhood kids whose parents owned RVs and VW pop-ups. I loved the casement windows and that there were lots of tiny cabinets and shelves for everything. Those compartments soothed my OCD need to have a place for all things needed for a road trip.

Vintage Barbie Camper

70s Barbie Camper

But my first urge to own a tiny home on wheels was in 1989 when I visited a Roma caravan museum in England. Who knew a tiny horse-drawn wagon could be that colorful, comfy, and cozy?

Roma wagon (gypsy wagon)

Roma horse-drawn wagon

Today, however, my sense and sensibilities are more in line with Americana campers that can be pulled by a Volvo. Ideally, I hope to find a 60s or 70s model for cheap that needs mostly cosmetic work and less electrical or wood repair. I don’t know much (if anything) about axles, gas lines, or dry rot, but I’m confident I can learn. And maybe I can enlist my talented friends and family to tackle any of these jobs that are beyond my capabilities (or those that are just plain scary).

Red Shasta camper in the woods

I could totally see myself (with two or three of you) in this camper. Can't you?

I’m starting this blog to document my journey to camperdom. If I put it online doesn’t that mean I have to make it happen? I will record every step of the adventure–researching makes and models, saving pennies to buy said trailer, purchasing my canned ham camper, planning its decor/theme, and celebrating whatever triumphs (or troubles) come my way. I hope some folks will keep me company–this road trip might take a while!

Listen to My House Has Wheels by Southern Culture on the Skids

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13 Responses to I’m ready to get campy!

  1. Daphne says:

    100 , no 200%. I support you in anything and everything you do. Paige, you have talents you are not even aware of! This creative adventure may introduce you to some of those. I’m not sure your plan with this, but I completely support your excitement and desire. I’m all in sister!!!!!!!

  2. Steve says:

    Well, there’s nothing for it, then. You have to visit the Hoosier state. And we have to go to at least one minor-league baseball game, whether it be the Indianapolis Indians or the Evansville Otters. I don’t care what kind of camper you get, but if you’re having trouble and you need a tiebreaker vote, I vote for them that’s shiny & silver.

  3. Dan Novak says:

    As long as you don’t go all ‘into the Wild’ on us we’re behind you!! We’ll bring the pack and join up. Does Cody like company?:)

  4. Sabine French says:

    IMHO people with vision and courage and creativity enrich the planet and make life worth living. Take it from someone who has had plenty of wild hairs (and seen several of them to completion) — this urge is not a sign of insanity but rather (I think) a signpost that you are doing exactly that which you seem to desire — getting in touch with and honoring what really matters to you. Go! Go! Go!

  5. Scott says:

    From urban dictionary:
    campy adj. = cheesy + awesomeness. Being so extreme that it has an amusing and perversely sophisticated appeal. Intentional camp is likely to have a sophisticated cult following, consisting of the people who “get it.” See, for example, the remarks of Mystery Science Theater’s Joel Hodgson: “The right people will get it.”

    I get it!!

  6. Lisa says:

    The muse takes us on so many different journeys –I love this idea! Kevin and I may be interested in employing your services at one point. We (well, I) have been fantisizing about a camper summer for some time. Tents are so passé, not to mention uncomfortable.

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